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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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they're screaming for their paychecks. employees at a troubled bay area company furious over not being promptly paid on payday. i'm gasia mikaelian. in for julie haener. >> and tonight, it's the focus of an investigation after consumer complaints. earlier today, its workers waited for hours outside locked doors hoping to get paid and we were there as they clashed with
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company officials. new at 10:00, jana kastsayama, that business was raided by state and county investigators. jana. >> frank, by the time we got out to the offices, people were already angry and many said they had to wait five hours to find out whether they'd be paid today. on this valentine's day, people had no love for their company. a payday that nearly turned into a melee when a manager told workers the company's account had been frozen. >> i feel used, betrayed. >> dozens waited in the cold after waiting until 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. many were laid off after the company ran into trouble. >> we can't get unemployment. >> on february 26th, the riverside district attorney's
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office seized financial records. complaints about green works u.s. include failure to secure permits, false advertising, and over charging. the manager finally came out to talk with us, but did not want her face on camera. >> you go talk to the riverside d.a.. we're trying to pay our employees. >> others said they support the company. >> i know there's nothing wrong going on and when everything is all over, you know, i hope we get a big apology. >> i know i've been here a long time and always gotten paid on time. >> thank you for your patience. >> workers were told to lineup with id. >> they give me my taxes on a post it. >> a post it note for a pay stub and a cashier's stub instead of a payroll check. >> i don't care. i just want to cut ties and be gone. >> state officials say this investigation is based on a
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series of complaints by particularly elderly customers. the owner did not accept our request for an interview. janet kastsayama channel 2 news. and president obama's visit to the heart of california drought strict inform land. air force one arrived in fresno. he meet with ranchers and farmers for three and a half hours, and pledging federal funds for drought relieve programs. highlights of the aid programs include $100 million for a livestock assistance program, 60 million comes from for food banks to help families who suffered from the drought, and $5 million for water conservation efforts. ken pritchett is here with more. >> what he said was essentially this, california's drought is america's concern. aid is on the way.
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and he used this opportunity to talk of the need to prepare given climate change. president obama landed in fresno and was off minutes later to see the impact of california's historic drought. perhaps the first sign the dust kicked up by marine one as he landed to tour a farm near los banos. he expressed the value of california's region. >> california is our biggest agriculture producer, and matters to every worker american. >> this drought will mean some ranchers will be unable to feed their herd. some fields will go fal o, means some warmers will not find employment. >> we want to take new action for these hard working folks.
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>> along with $183 million in federal aid, a promise $100 million of that will be accelerated as emergency livestock aid that ranchers will have access to in april. the president says that money will help them feed their livestock. he was joined by feinstein and barbara boxer, who are working through congress and governor brown was there for the president's tour. brown last month made his emergency declaration and asked the federal government to help the state. president obama took the opportunity to talk climate change, saying droughts like this could become more serious and frequent. >> we've got to start looking at these disasters as something to prepare for. >> after the president's visit to the central valley, he made his way to palm springs where he
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met tonight with the king of jordan. >> the is the surrounded by his supporters of his visit, some were criticizing. >> and some came from republican law makers who said more is needed than add and water through reservoirs, construction of which they say is long overdue. >> okay, thank you. some much needed rain is on the way to the bay area tonight. this was the view from news chopper 2. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here on when this rain's going to arrive. >> a different kind of weather system in the north, and you can see it's raining up there now for a few days, in northern california, portland and seattle. see the green around eureka, that is going to work its way
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south. somewhere around 5:00 in the afternoon, santa rosa's going to report some light showers. into 6:00 and 7:00, light showers in marin county and south in san francisco. between 7 and 8:00 tomorrow, the rain should begin. it wants to go into part of the bay area weekend. when i come back i've got that latest computer model hour by hour through your saturday afternoon and sunday morning. see you back in a minute. thank you, bill, tens of thousands of people heading to san francisco, probably hoping the rain will hold off until the chinese new year's parade will hold off, and the broadcast on ktvu channel 2. >> reporter: we're at union square where ktvu has set up a broadcast center to bring you live coverage of the parade. across the street we can see workers setting up temporary bleachers to accommodate the
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large crowds expected tomorrow night. >> at pier 54 this evening, the final pieces of floats were put into place, reflecting the chinese zodiak, the this year is the year of the horse. >> it means it's bringing riches to you quickly. >> chinese culture is steep in symbolism. the colors red and gold represent good luck. >> it's my favorite holiday. >> this artist says watching the child and creating these floats is rewarding. >> i like sharing part of my culture with my friends. >> this at&t float features an led screen interacting with the audience. a code will be given to text a command to the horse during the parade, jump, run, rear and bow. and when they text it in real time and live, the horse will be doing whatever they ask it to.
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>> at the hilton on o farrel tonight, the ms. china town usa corination ball is underway. this year's winner is from houston. >> don't set limits to what you can do. you shouldn't let anyone tell you, you can't do anything. at union square, ktvu crews have been busy setting up this broadcast camera and is hard work, but rewarding. >> it's really fun because it takes so much work to put on and there's this immediate return for what we've done because it makes people really happy. >> reporter: this parade is a family oriented event and family is priority in the chinese culture. we hope to see many of you out here tomorrow night. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and you can watch the parade live on ktvu. our coverage begins at 6 p.m.
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with our host, julie haener and ben fong torres. and use #cnyparade. and 41 new flu related deaths in california were reported last week, in all, 243 flu-related deaths this season, doubled the 106 deaths the entire flu season last year and another 41 deaths are still being investigated. here's a look at the counties with the most flu deaths so far. l.a. county tops the list with 33, sacramento county in second with 23, san diego, 19 deaths, san burn dino, and fresno is next with 17. here in the bay area, we've counted 43 flu-related deaths, and one new death in san mateo
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yesterday. an elementary school teacher charged with with serving marijuana-laced food at an off campus pot luck appeared in court today. badger pleaded not guilty to one misdemeanor count of furnishing marijuana and eight counts of poisoning. badger is free on $15,000 bail and on administrative leave. she's ordered to return to court in april. families who have lost a loved one due to unsolved murder called on the community to stop all the killing in oakland tonight. >> it's painful what they're doing to families and each other. >> nearly 60 grieving families were joined by city leaders and law enforcement. they shared stories and information about the circumstances surrounding the unsolved kill cannings including the re-- killings including the rewards being offered. >> one person can't do it. it's going to take the community
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to help the d.a.' s officers. >> they those valentine's day for the amount of love. and authorities seized a ton of contra banned it. >> and rain chances increase tomorrow. the timeline coming up. >> and right after the break, the tricky way that thieves are robbing some bay area businesses without even stepping foot inside the door.
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new at 10:00, pg&e customers being ordered to pay up or have their power detected. it's all just a scam. we're live in sebafter pool and it's happening all around the area. >> these are just the latest ones targeted. all pg&e customers should know this rip off is a phone call away. >> they took $900. >> the call to aloti sounded officials. pg&e complaining there was a snag with his online payment and he had to pay now or lose power in just two hours. all he could imagine was his food spoiling. >> i rushed to save the food to a nearby super market and loaded
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$900 on this prepaid card. >> once you leaded at safeway they asked you to give them this number and they get the money right away. our ability to catch these people are pretty much low to 0. >> sebasterpol police say another restaurant owner was taken the day before and the conhas been played if san francisco, san jose, and pacifica a in recent months. >> when you try tracking them down, you usually end up running into a dead end in a foreign country. >> it makes you want to find those people honestly and catch them. >> cafe customers are sympathetic and suspicious. pg&e downplays any involvement. >> we safeguards all our information. >> utility cautions it never solicits payments by phone and doesn't disconnect power suddenly. >> we would have some
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documentation, some follow up, there would definitely be some more information than on the spot, i need it now payment. >> he knew he was duped when he came to this office to pay. >> i felt like i was having a heart attack. >> his business is only three months old. a tough lesson he's sharing to warn others. >> if you receive any others, do not do it. it's too late, but don't do it. >> reporter: an auto shop called police. many more cases and customers may not realize that so-called payment they made actually wasn't one. reporting live in sebasterpol, channel 2 news. gilroy police thought to be a victim in a double shooting where another man died is now under arrest. moore of gilroy has been booked for homicide. police say he killed 68-year-old
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martin gonzalez during a fight tuesday night. police initially thought both men were victims of a double shooting but it turns out the suspect's wounds are not from gunshots but puncture wounds from a fight and others may have been involved. harris is working to extra diet an oklahoma man a -- extradite a man for e torgz on five -- extortion charges from napa county. the web site is called win by state to post compromising pictures of their ex-s. he demands $250 from the victim to takedown the photograph. a veteran san jose firefighter is in custody tonight. he's accused of child molestation and selling drugs to minors. ktvu's robert handa tells us the arrest is webbing shock waves through fire department and the
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community. >> 20 years, mario was a good image for firefighters, supervising many drills including some covered by ktvu. it helped him land a job as a community outreach officer after an wife limited field activities so colleagues are in a daze after he was arrested last night at his fire department office for possession and sale of drugs and sex crimes involve. >> there would have been victims and i think everyone feels a very heavy heart right now for anybody who might have been hurt. >> he lifted church activities with the local did i sees -- dioces. a department of justice spokeswoman said they seized his commuter and other belongings at his office and home. >> we'll be going through the hard drives that we seized and any other evidence and determine
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if there's any other charges or any other victims. >> one person who worked with him say he was more of an overseer. >> he would stand in the back and oversee anything. he never interacted with the community. >> the behaviors have nothing to do with that or not excusable and don't align with what we're here for. >> the district attorney's office is not finished reviewing the court but could be in court after the holiday tuesday. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. and in pleasanton police, a former employee, and current employee have been booked into jail for burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary. detectives say they discovered a storage unit with $15,000 worth of commercial grade pesticides that were stolen. and now where the sonoma
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water county spilled 100,000 gallons of wastewater into the river in a decade or longer in guernville. crews worked all night to repair a 16-foot pipeline. they're hopeful it will dilute quickly. and in san francisco, it was turned into a feathery mess this evening. you have to do it every year. hundreds of folks took part in the valentine's day pillow fight. some came in costumes, and you can see from above just how big that crowd was tonight. this is the 8th year of that pillow fight and leaves behind a lot of debris. the public works department is estimating it will cost about
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$4,300 to clean up the mess. the live radar sweeping. tomorrow, they'll be rain falling around the bay area. these radars will be lit up. as we go into tomorrow, here's the computer model now. 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy. this is saturday. here we go into saturday afternoon, lunchtime. see the green? into saturday, at 7:00, see this really spread out. widely scattered. not much rain at all. if we push a little bit further to 9:00, more widespread rain along the coast than anywhere else. this blue is going to be light sprinkles. just late in the day, it goes bad. sunday, when i come back, it might have a few showers. i'll show you when those could happen. the timeline for sunday, 1045. >> after digging out of a snow storm, residents were rattled by an earthquake near the georgia, south carolina state line.
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earthquakes are rare, but not unheard of in that region. this quake was centered miles from edge field, south carolina. no reports of injuries. . how a robbery at home began with a series of car break-ins. >> and a crowd on its feet on valentine's day to raise awareness of a global problem. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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music and dancing pills san francisco county jail this afternoon, grooving to break the chains as part of the 1 billion rising campaign that promotes justice for survivors of domestic violence and got hundreds of people dance figure san francisco city hall this
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evening -- dancing in front of city hall. and participants tell us it's a simple way to come together and raise awareness of issues such as rape and human trafficking. >> i came here as a woman in my strength and power saying it's not okay anymore. we have got to stop this. >> critics have questioned the effectiveness of a global dance party to tackle serious problems but supporter tell us the language of dance is something everyone can understand. and among the items stolen in a school parking lot were vehicle are registrations and rob roth reports that could be leading to additional crimes. >> reporter: anglic a works in the main office at brookfield elementary school. last week she was victimized
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twice. >> it was very emotional and frightening. >> she noticed someone pried open the lock in her suv. >> you can see where it's bent. >> the only thing they took was the registration and the insurance, which contained my address. >> her nightmare had only gun. threyse later when she arrived at her home on center street, she says she found a huge hole in her front door. not only was jewelry missing but keys to her family's other cars. >> first few days was very frightening for us to spend the night. we had to make special arrangements to sleep somewhere else. she believes burglary is reported to the break-in and since last week, two other school employees and a parent have had their cars broken into and registration stolen twice yesterday. >> the objective of educating our children is important and requires our full attention and all hands on deck, and issues
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like this can be very dom oralizes. >> we try -- demoralizing g. >> the principal says he's working on his schedule where someone with watch the parking lot all day long time that would be better spent on children. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. they're banned statewide, the shark fins that led to a big bust. then, at 10:45, seats for 60,000 people, but parking for just a 3rd of that. the work underway at this hour to get fans to events at levi stadium. storm tracker 2 tracking rain moving into northern california. bill's exact timeline for how it will effect your saturday and the chinese new year's parade. and a reminder can you get ktvu news to go. download our ktvu app and watch all our newscast on your mobile
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device. and this february, the crowd favorite meatball marinara is our featured $5 footlong. top it with melty mozzarella, green peppers or any of your favorites, on your choice of freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh.
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less than 24 hours now until an annual tradition in san francisco, the celebration of the chinese new year with the biggest parade outside of asia and the big question is is it going to rain on the parade, and here's the guy who has the answer. >> it's going to be close. you'll see it. i've got the commuter model. at 5:00, frank, the parade's starting, and watch what happens. it pulls in about 8:00. it's light rain, minimal, but rain nonetheless. what i'm forecasting is you're going to get there dry and most of the parade will be dry and it's going to start to rain at clean up towards the very last half-hour. take a jacket, take an umbrella
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a for the walk home. i'll have your complete bay area forecast. that rain will stick on past the parade. i'll dial all that in after the forecast. this is a three-day weekend for some people, and sierra ski reports have a lot riding on the turn out, and finally there's new snow. the weekend did not get off to a busy start. >> it wasn't bumper to bumper, but it was busy. a steady flow of cars headed to places like orioles ski resort. >> my first time snow skiing was here and it wasn't as close to being as packed as it is right now. >> all of the lifts and runs are open during a holiday weekend. >> we're expected to have a doesn't crowd. >> decent meaning biggest this season? >> hopefully, for sure. >> we're expecting more snow. >> it's a little bit strange. >> you know what i find scariest
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is a lot of the trees are turning brown. >> traffic on friday night didn't look like holiday traffic. >> usually traffic is backed up through here and there's cars parked everywhere. >> back on the slopes, skiers and snow borders say snow is better than expected. these guys drove in for new mexico for the weekend. >> we've been watching the forecast for months and dreading and getting excited. >> be honest. were you regretting not going to colorado instead? >> a little bit. >> other reports are hoping the crowds spill over beyond next monday and well into next week. our chief meteorologist will be back at 10:45 forecast. can you find all of our meteorologists on twitter any time. they post forecast updates around-the-clock. and the state appeals court is stepping into the legal fight over california's high speed rail system at the request of governor brown. the 3rd district court of appeals agreed to quickly review
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two lower court rulings against the high speed rail project. one of those rulings involved a judge? siler city mayor. he blocked the sale of voter approved bonds and voted a new bond for the program. and brown cow farms is closing its processing plant in antioch. it's been there for about 25. the company that owns brown cow is moving operations to fort worth, texas where its other family of companies is located. 58 employees will lose their job. and adobe systems plans to lay off employees next month, 46, at its headquarters and another 25 in san francisco. adobe is a popular software product found on many computer systems. wall street had its best day of the week, the dow rose 126 on strong earning report, and nasdaq closed at its highest level since 2,000.
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a massive bust involving illegal shark fins, over 2,000 pounds of them, were confiscated in san francisco. here's more on how they were found. >> reporter: 2014 is the chinese year of the horse, but sharks are getting a lot of attention, too. that's because shark fins, a chinese delicacy are still focusing in bay area herb shots and restaurants despite a ban since last july. >> people would catch sharks and cut the fins off and throw the whole shark into the water keeping only the fins. >> the department of wildlife and agents restaurant last month, found shark fin if the kitchen and on the menu for as much as $48 for a bowl of soup. the restaurant's web site still advertises the dish, though a manager today told us they no longer sell it. they went to the distributors
10:35 pm
what they confiscated what they believe to be 2,100 pounds of shark fins. no word on how much it's worth. >> a lawsuit aims to overturn the state ban. san francisco's canton restaurant no longer serves shark fin. >> are people disappointed? >> most of them, yeah, because it's been with chinese restaurants for so long. >> state wildlife officials tell us penalties may need to be increased to discourage others from violating the ban. they received misdemeanor citations. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a $21,000 award is being offered for information leading to the person who shot and killed three california sea otters. the shootings happened last september near monterrey. two of the see otters were shot
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in the head, one in the back. they are federally protected and killingly one of them is a crime punish able by crimes and jail time. the mystery of the mars jelly donut, what scientists say this is. >> the updated timeline for rain chances during the parade. >> and new details on the plans to get all those crowds in and out of levi stadium a little easier.
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breaking news out of oakland where witnesses tell us one person is dead following a police chase of a suspected stolen car. it started about 9:40 on 73 rd avenue in east oakland. officers spotted a stolen vehicle and the driver took off and police gave chase. it ended when the suspect crashed head on into several vehicles in the 9,800-block of san lean dro boulevard. at least one person is dead. at this point it's not clear if the victim was the suspect or possibly an independent bystander. the santa clara da cleared two veteran san jose police officers in a deadly officer-involved shooting. police chased a car for 26 miles
10:40 pm
at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. after cornering the driver, he ran and police fired a total of 15 times. the man, a three strike felon died at the scene. the da decided the officers lawful fully killed him. the san jose police department is celebrating 17 promotions. 17 remaining from assistant chief to sergeant were given their new badges with the help of their families, part of the administration, the police chief who had this advise for his team. the team used good judgment and common sense. >> listen to those that work for you. this will define you as a leader. >> chief esquivel says this will help with recruitment and staff shortage. and california's largest union voted to authorize a strike. members of ask me local 3299 have been working without a
10:41 pm
contract since they walked off the job last may and last november temporarily. the union represents more than 22,000 service and patient care workers at the system's ten campuses and five medical centers. a strike date has not yet been set. this valentine's day for many couples in berkley. >> marriage is never to feel alone. >> the downtown berkeley association held a mass wedding ceremony for couples getting married and others renewing their vows. we met a couple from little rock, arkansas. kelly ross and a lisa journey were on their way to get married in new york city but the snow storm canceled their flight so they ended up in berkeley. >> very exciting. this has just been a dream since we've gotten here. you can't make this kind of stuff up. it's been great. >> kelly and alyssa changed their wedding vows along with several other couples. they'll win a free mini honeymoon in downtown berkeley. a new art exhibit features
10:42 pm
the work of inmates on death row in san convenient in. >> the paintings are on sale in alameda. gallery officials say the exhibit is meant to, quote, highlight the how manity that we all -- humafity and offer beauty from an unexpected source. proceeds will go towards art materials for inmates. our chief meteorologist you working on updating his forecast, and it's not baseball season yet, what new charges will be happening at the bay area security. and travel to the new levi stadium goes smoothly, we'll have more on that.
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levi stadium taking place. in six months, the 49ers future home will host its first public event holding more than 60,000 people; but there's a 3rd of the parking for cars. >> work is underway to make sure mass transit can pick up the slack. >> reporter: just blocks from the big stadium construction project, another smaller one is getting underway, all part of a plan to make sure fans with easily get where they need to go. in a matter of months, it's set to open, the new levi stadium, expected to bring football to thousands of fans. >> those who use public transportation are preparing for lots of company on game day. >> i think it's going to be amazing, because i don't see how they can do it. >> but vta has a plan in place. first increasing the number of
10:46 pm
available train cars. on sunday, they'd have 30. on a weekday, they'd have 57. on a game day, 80. they're adding bus lines and direct train service and a connection to b.a.r.t. by 2017. then there's extra work on the stadium where they'll store three extra three-car trains. >> so for instance during a game, at levi stadium, they would be hanging out on the pocket track and we can deploy them if we need them. >> the construction brings it down to one lane here but the work will be done overnight. >> the first event is august 2nd of this year, and so we will be done before august 2nd of this year. >> haul them out. >> employees say they're not worried. they're excited. >> everyone's looking at we're going to be ready. >> reporter: the vpa plans to work with the city if traffic becomes a problem due to construction in this area. they say they'll look to
10:47 pm
adjusting the traffic signals if necessary. live in santa clara, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. and in compliance with the new major leave baseball mandate, all fans will be screened with metal detectors. officials say metal detectors are a more efficient way and should speed up entry into the park. people attending oakland a's games have been going through similar processes. people who don't want to walk through a metal detector will be checked by a security officer. bags will be checked manly. a small boat from japan that washed ashore in california after the 2011 tsunami has been returned thanks to six high school students from del nor high school, restored the 21-foot boat, the first foot of
10:48 pm
documented debris now on display since the tsunami. the students are scheduled to meet the children in the japanese school that boat belonged to. a lot of clouds out there today. along the coast, we had the coastal fog and then we had these high clouds moving this way. as the fog kind of came this way, so if i put it if motion, you'll see that wind sheer at different -- wind shear at different directions. the sun kind of got low on the horizon. as we head into tomorrow, we're going to see cloudy conditions like today, all day, and we're going to see the rain start to move in late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening and i'll show that you again on the computer model. this time tomorrow night that light storm tracker 2 will be picking up rain south and east of the area. in the lake tahoe area, snow, perhaps a winter storm warning.
10:49 pm
definitely take the chains if you're heading that way. tomorrow morning, plenty of fog in the last few mornings. back in the forecast. if you're traveling around early morning hours, valley fog and that coastal fog that we've been seeing. kind of dense and tough to see through. the computer model does this. it might be raining a little bit in santa rosa. there we are at 11:00. it kind of blows through the bay area. there we are saturday evening. sunday morning starts to clear out. snow flurries in the lake tahoe area and then you see clear. the weather gets kind of nice. sunday's your best day on the weekend. >> as that system comes in, it really doesn't. it's got some rain with it. most of it will will fall in the north bay. this is how the rainfall accumulations are going to vary. half inch in the north bay, quarter inch and south bay almost a tenth of an inch. major rain. 15, 17-inches of rain and this
10:50 pm
is going to be much less than that, a little something, drop in the bucket. it probably won't be much as far as reservoir levels and rainfall averages, right now, about 38, which is a rough number. 63 in fremont, 63 in san jose, and 69 in half moon bay and coolie and cloudy. the bay area weekend in view, there's your saturday evening. showers, sunday morning maybe a sprinkle left over. sunday's your best day. clouds through the west of the week and wednesday, we've got a few clouds that want to move in and maybe a chance of showers on tuesday. just unsettle but nothing big. late saturday afternoon into saturday evening. >> thank you, bill. last month scientists were puzzled by a photo of a rock that appeared where it hadn't been seen a few days earlier. the round shape kind of
10:51 pm
reserveled a jelly donut -- resembled a jelly donut. nasa released this photo and you can see the tracks of the recovery and the two pieces -- rover and the two pieces. spring training is here. >> bring it on. forget the roses and the chocolates. it was the perfect valentine's day. the game is back for the giants and a's. pitchers and catchers report width regular soon to follow shots from the a's camp in phoenix. the clubhouse awaits and the american league western division champs. as usual e nobody thinking the a's to repeat and as bob told our fred english, that bothers him not one bit. >> i think it's more about how we feel about ourselves and that this team has been good about feeling great about what we've done and where we're going. so i think the expectations among ourselves are more important than what everybody else thinks about us whether
10:52 pm
we're the underdogs or not. all right. the nba's all star weekend in new orleans getting underway with the best first and second year players going at it. the chris webers against the hills and the stars out of oakland, and barnes taking the court. not a lot of defense. lillard to barnes, the top lay up with 16, and watch tim hardeway junior. his pop is loving that up there. it doesn't look like he's aged a bit. bad passing here leading to lillard taking full advantage. he'll be in the slam dunk contest and looking good. the mvp is detroit's andre drummond. 30 points, 25 rebounds, and then the hilarious part -- watch him drop his mvp trophy.
10:53 pm
it was grant hill's team over weber team 136. >> the president of the united states. >> got your attention. even these two of listening. >> and the warriors lone all star, hear what president obama had to say about seth curry in an interview can charles barkley no less. coming from pennsylvania avenue when we return.
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the nba's all star game holds a special place for warriors fans. they haven't had a starter since 17 years ago. lights out performances, making sure no denying him this time around and he earns high praise from the highest office tonight. >> the best shooter i've ever seen. i believe that. in terms of being able to -- you know, off the dribble, get his shot off from anywhere that fast. >> this is what every player in the nba dreams about and i have my family here and people that have helped me get here so i'm going to sit back, relax and enjoy every minute of it. you never know when it's going to come around again. this is once in a lifetime
10:57 pm
experience that hopefully i can keep saying that every year. very deserving. a little glimpse of the kind of stuff college hoop fans love to see. upset by their rivals, arizona goes down, number 2, to asu. final seconds of double overtime. shot block, other end, carson of asu slams it and run the floor. that's it. game over. and arizona, just their second loss of the year. got a little double dose of college victory locally here as stanford and cal pac 12 schools from arizona go down to them, and meantime, some sad news, big baseball figure in the bay area, six time american league all star jim fergosi passed away at 71. he died of a stroke and he was born in san francisco, great guy, was with the giants
10:58 pm
organization for years. 71. that's the sports. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> have a good evening, everyone. good night.
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ibiza can only take us at 6:30 tonight. great. i will meet you at ibiza. it's pronounced "ibeetha," not "ibeeza." that reminds me -- this weekend, i want to see that baby panda at the "thoo." [ both laugh ] yeah...i'm the idiot. this year for valentine's day, we're gonna have a nice, quiet dinner at ibiza. last year, we, um... we overreached... a little. we created sexy alter egos -- clive and juliana -- met in the hotel bar. this one lost her panties in the lobby in front of her dad... phil. ...which was hil-- it was hard. it was hard for her. you know i can't stand it when you use that word. "panties"? ye-- that. yes. that word. sorry. she lost her underpanties. [ birds chirping ] so? so?


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